I am down a solid 8 lbs. but I do think that if may be more as far as fat. I am definitely building muscles as is very evident in the improvement of my tennis game. Thank you so much for touching my life in this very positive way.

Arlene H.

Being Hispanic, I never thought I could stop eating white rice, but the 7 Day cleanse made the switch to eating wholesome foods much easier then I ever thought! No more crazy cravings for sweets either!!!

Frances V.

I found Carmen’s cleanse program easy to follow and was surprised how good the food tasted and that I did not feel hungry. After the cleanse I continued to eat healthy and have now lost 24 pounds in 3 months!

Alan V.

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At this free 20 minute phone meeting we will briefly chat about your current food and lifestyle choices, any health concerns and explore a few ideas on how to make being healthy more simple and less stressful.


Would you an like an ongoing one-on-one coaching program that is tailored to your specific health goals? Or how about a privately coached power detox you can do and see results in just 7 days?


Do you enjoy learning in a group setting where you can share your challenges and experiences with others? These workshops and events are very interactive and there are many wellness topics to choose from.

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