Free Lunch & Learn Workshops

Does your organization have a wellness program in place? Or want to start one?

Either way, you are invited to book a FREE LUNCH & LEARN WORKSHOP on how to improve workplace wellness – physical, mental and emotional.

Lunch & Learn workshops average 60 minutes and include a nutritious salad 🙂


Holiday Wellness

In this popular workshop, learn simple tips to turn Holiday burnout to Holiday bliss to enjoy this special time of year – without the stress 🙂

To book this 60 minute free event, contact me via button below

The Skinny on Toxins

Do you try to eat “healthy”, exercise regularly but find you’re tired and unable to lose weight?

Find out how TOXINS in everyday products might be secretly messing with your hormones… leading to weight resistance, lack of energy and mental exhaustion.

To book this free 60 minute event, contact me via button below

Simple Meal Planning

Discover how to make meal planning less stressful so you can save time & money, lose weight & inches and enjoy better health!

Click button below to book your free 60 minute workshop!!

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